I’m fortunate to work with many great researchers from around the world. Below is an interactive co-author graph and links to my past and present collaborators.

Co-author graph

This graph is interactive; try selecting nodes to see the connections between my co-authors. Nodes of the same color represent authors from the same research group. The buttons underneath allow you to see how my collaborations have developed over the years.
Show only co-authors up until:

Past and present collaborators

This list includes all the above co-authors as well as researchers I am currently working with towards publications.

Sarp Akcay
Leor Barack
Sebastiano Bernuzzi
Marc Casals
Alvin Chua
Peter Diener
Sam Dolan
Charles Evans
Jonathan Gair
√Čric Gourgoulhon
Samuel Gralla
Enno Harms
Abraham Harte
Scott Hughes
Soichiro Isoyama
Michael. L. Katz
Chris Kavanagh
Alexandre Le Tiec
Georgios Lukes-Gerakopoulos
Francesco Messina
Jeremy Miller
Alessandro Nagar
Hiroyuki Nakano
Patrick Nolan
Adrian Ottewill
Thomas Osburn
Achilleas Porfyriadis
Adam Pound
Norichika Sago
Abhay Shah
Leo Stein
Takahiro Tanaka
Maarten van de Meent
Frederic Vincent
Barry Wardell