Virtual reality black holes (update)


Two of our PhD students, Phil and Josh, recently made a nice video (above) showing off their VR work. In the video you can see their code has two modes: one for visualising the orbital motion of a test body about a rotating black hole and another for visualising the distortion of light by a Schwarzschild black hole. You can also see the nice menu system they set up so the user can change various settings (black hole spin, orbital paramters,  background sky, etc).


They’ve now shown off their work at a couple of public events at UCD, included at the end of a public lecture by Scott Hughes. Looking to the future we are planning to take their black hole virtual reality experience to public engagement events across Ireland. We’re already signed up to present their work at the Mayo Dark Sky Festival and have a few other things in the pipeline. I’ll keep this site updated as we confirm events.